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Vincent Composite Clad Metal Strip Improves Thermal Management & Connectivity

Vincent Clad Metals has introduced custom engineered aluminum-copper composite clad metal strip for thermal management in electronics and nickel-aluminum for use in Li-ion and other battery systems.

Vincent Clad Metal Strip metallurgically bonds two materials to exploit the best properties of each. For example, aluminum-copper strip with thin copper clad onto aluminum, when fabricating heat fins and heat exchangers, reduces weight and cost while nickel-aluminum clad metal strip offers high weldability, corrosion resistance, and excellent conductivity for batteries.

Supplied in prototype through production quantities, Vincent Clad Metal Strip is available from 0.100″ to 0.004″ thick, can be slit from 0.122″ to 7.0″ W, ±0.002″ and meets or exceeds ASTM B248 special thickness tolerances, depending upon thickness and material. Clad metal strip is non-porous and superior to electroplated products for stamping, forming, and fabricating.

Vincent Aluminum-Copper Clad Metal Strip and Nickel-Aluminum Clad Metal Strip are priced according to size and quantity with 6 to 8 week typical delivery and the firm will inventory. Engineering assistance is offered.

About Vincent Clad Metals

Vincent Clad Metals knows cladding, toll processing, rolling, annealing, slitting, leveling, electron beam welding, and skivving. They began operations in 1987 with the production of platinum clad niobium anodes for the worldwide electronics plating industry and soon became the premier supplier of electrodes to the Tier One and Two Automotive Platers of Copper-Nickel-Chrome for wheels, bumpers, bezels, step-up tubes, and motorcycle parts. Today, Vincent Clad Metals fabricates composite clad metals of all alloys for many diverse applications and provides customers the quality assurance underscored by a full-time metallurgist on staff.

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